[audacity4blind] Re: removing and returning to the spot in a track

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Hi Kimsan
Try these
Method 1
1. Before cutting anything, read the position where your cursor is stayed by 
pressing Ctrl+f6 to the selection bar, and tab to the selection start, then 
remember  it.
2. after cutting, go to the selection start control, then enter the time range 
I told you remember.
Method 2:
1. After selecting the part you want to cut, go to edit menu and choose region 
2. After cutting, go to edit menu and choose region restore.
I just use audacity to apply effect and make mp3 file, so other users may have 
more grate tips.
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  I didn't know how to word this properly but allow for me to beg your 
indolgence for a moment.


  I am recording, I am 40 minutes into it, I cut something out, so how do I 
continue where I left off because I find myself going to the start  of the file 
and needing to fastforward  to where I left off now when editing a long file 
that is annoying is there a quicker way?

  Thanks group and yall are amazing.



  Kimsan Song



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