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Hi Matthew,

Previously I recorded 11 hours of youtube videos for a project of mine but
>I finished that 6 months ago. Then I tried to record youtube videos in
>audasity and it will not record within the computer it keeps recording
>exterior sounds instead of interior sounds like I want. I do not know what
>the problem is?
> Please help.
>thank you

I assume you mean that Audacity is capturing ambient sounds via the computer or sound card's microphone, but you want to record the Youtube audio. Rather than use Audacity for this, try MediaHuman Youtube to Mp3 Converter. Once you configure it properly, you can convert any Youtube videos to mp3s just by copying the URLs to the clipboard. You can specify where the converted files should be saved and set up your own naming conventions. This becomes important when Youtube to Mp3 CConverter converts entire playlists, which I find tremendously useful. You can specify whether the playlist name should appear at the beginning of each filename, whether the filenames should be numbered in the playlist order, etc.
The only downside to this application is that its interface is entirely inaccessible. You will have to edit the Windows registry to specify the settings you want. But that's not difficult at all.

I hope this helps,

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