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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 15:40:11 +0200

Tested a version quickly now - and this is on an older windowsXP laptop, so 
didn't bother setting screen reader specific volume as such, but, just already 
had microphone and line-in volumes set to roundabout 60%, and set master volume 
to 40%, and then recorded using audacity, and definitely quite a bit better 
than when recording with things like master volume set to 100%, and one of the 
primary improvements I noticed when then having amplified it afterwards was 
that the tone was overall much better, since otherwise I would get too much of 
a sort of bass reverb effect coming through, so, thanks..<smile>

And, also tested this via both microphone and line-in testing, and think 
line-in actually came out slightly better sounding, but, will see, and might 
also depend on microphone since it's pretty much just a somewhat directional 
voice microphone had plugged in, so suppose stereo would render - sort of in 
terms of clarity, etc., but, not necessarily.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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  Hi all
  Afiew months ago, I shared my tip to record microphone and screen reader 
together, and adjust it volume to make the quality more better. But now I 
realize that may be I miss something.
  My tips are: adjust the mic volume to about 20%, and adjust screen reader 
volume to about 40%. However, If we do that, the system volume still loud, and 
listener might be disturbed if there are any system sound such as beep during 
the demonstration.
  So if you prepair to do a podcast, you could try adjusting your system volume 
to about 40%, not just adjust your screen reader. 
  The recorded audio would be very soft, but you could normalize and apply 
compressor using Audacity. The result might be better.
  Let's try and give featback here. 

  Thanks for reading
  Dang Manh Cuong
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