[audacity4blind] recording computer sounds and voice at the same time

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  • Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:16:17 -0500

Hello,Not long ago, someone from the list gave me instructions as to how to
get audacity to record both my computer sounds and my voice at the same
time. The first half of the directions said to do the following:

Press Shift+H to open the Select audio host dialog

Down arrow to

choose Windows WASAPI

Shift+I to open the Select device dialog, then choose

the option with "loopback" in its name.

Now you can record sound from your

computer, but not the sound from microphone. I've figured out that part,
apparently I have to have Audacity running in order to do the above.
However, the second part of those directions is a bit confusing. The second
half of the directions say:

From System tray,

choose speaker and press Enter

Choose recording devices within the


Choose the microphone you want to record from within the list, and

press the properties button.

Ctrl+tab to the listen page, and check the

Listen to this device checkbox and press OK.

Now you'll hear your voice from

the speaker/ headphone, and you'll be able to record it, including computer


The trouble is, when I press the speaker button on my sys tray, I don't get
a list of microphones installed on my computer, and there's nothing that
mentions recording or properties. Instead, I see the following:

track bar 76 of 100, (this apparently is a slider of some sort and its a

Then there's a button that says mute speakers / headphones, followed by
another button called mixer, then another button that says IDT High
definition audio codec. If I press tab at this point, I'm wrapped back
around to the first icon, which is the track bar, that's set to 76. But
there's no recording devices menu. At least not on my computer anyway. I'm
sure that messing around with all these settings is quite easy, assuming
that one knows what they're doing. But I'm not one to mess around with my
computer's settings. I'm running a desktop pc with windows 8.1. 


Rochester, NY.


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