[audacity4blind] Re: need your advise on mixing two tracks

  • From: "Bardia Zakeri" <bardiazakeri@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 08:44:09 +0100

hi. you can  open the music and  press r  and  your voise  rekord with the 
music  are so you meen ?
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  Subject: [audacity4blind] need your advise on mixing two tracks

        Hi list members, completely new to audacity but with help I want to get 
on anyway. I'd like to know how to bring together two separate tracks of music 
and speech into one so that the music is in the background at a preferred 
volume, and starts one minute before the speech, and can also fade in and out, 
much like what you hear at the beginning of radio programs. I'd also like any 
usable resources you might be willing to refer for my progress, thanks. 

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