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Hi Steve

If the Behringer is what I think it is, my answer is probably. It is more than a cable, as it has a headphone monitor jack. You would need to check what type of inputs it has to see if you need to get a different cable.

There is a dizzying array of gear around for not a great deal of money. The benefit of USB interface is that you bypass entirely your internal sound card. If you can, try to get to a store and check out what is available.

Regarding MME or Windows Direct Sound, whatever works (smile). If Direct Sound behaves, it is probably the choice though.


On 24/07/2017 7:34 AM, Steve S (Redacted sender sgsmg49 for DMARC) wrote:

Hello Andrew and All,

Do you think the following product should solve my issue? It sounds like just a cable.

Behringer 2 channel USB Audio Interface for Line Level Devices with ¼ Outputs.

Another quick question, should I be using MME or  Windows Direct Sound.

I really enjoyed your recent Podcast. I appreciate all the info I can get. Thanks.


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The problem is caused by recording from a line into the mike input. Mike inputs have a much higher sensitivity than line inputs to cope with microphones. So when you connect a line distortion will be the name of the game. Many years ago I bought a little cassette recorder which only had a mike input. A padded cable was supplied with the machine, allowing recording from a line out on another device. Even that is not done in the best homes, but it worked quite well for the circumstances.

To get anything like a civilised recording you will need to pull the level very low. Alternatively, a USB mixed, which need not be expensive, would fix the issue.


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Hello Andrew and anyone else who would like to chime in here. I’m doing something wrong here. I have my source, a stand alone cassette deck connected to my laptop via the audio output cable into the Mic jack. I’m recording just fine but am having trouble with setting the recording level. With Audacity open and the music playing while plugged in to the computer I go to the recording meter and switch on Start Monitoring. I tab in and out of the meter and make changes on the recording volume slider and go back to the meter and never hear anything other than 0DB. I try the same while recording with the same result. I’m attempting to record pre recorded cassette tapes. Any idea where roughly the slider should be as a starting point? What am I missing here. Thanks much.


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