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Hi Mike! 
You can use the Auto Duck effect to create a voice over. Make sure the voice
track is below the music track and use the track align options to move the
voice track to where you want it to start. Then make sure only the music
track is selected, select the audio by pressing j shift-k  and apply Auto
Duck. If you want The music to fade to silence during the voice track cut it
off where you want it to end and perform a fade before applying Auto Duck.
Cheers, Robbie
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Hello fellow Audacity users,
I'm in the process of creating a demo recording for an online radio station
to which I'm thinking about joining in the near future.
I'd like to add music to an already existing audio file in such a way that I
can combined the music and the audio file together. Thus, when the completed
file is played back, in the beginning of the recording, the music will start
to play first, then after so much time, the music will fade slightly and the
audio file containing me speaking will play, creating a smooth balance
between my voice and the music, similar to what happens when someone is
talking live over the radio with background music playing. Then, once that
recording is done, I can fix it so that the music will either fade back up,
or fade to silence completely, when the speaking portion of the recording is
done. Thus, allowing me to create a somewhat professional sounding
recording. I say somewhat professional, because I don't have any pro audio
equipment or anything fancy like a studio would. Also, is there a way to get
audacity to record in stereo? Thanks.
Rochester, NY.  

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