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  • Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 16:39:28 +0100 (BST)

Hi Cuong,
concerning restoring a selection. Yes, you can do it using region save and 
restore, but the problem is that you have to remember to save the region each 
time. It might be useful to have an additional command on the menu to restore 
the last selection, so there was no need to save the selection.


From: Dang Manh Cuong <dangmanhcuong@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, 2 August 2012, 15:43
Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: looking for audo tune plugin

OK. Thanks david, and here's a typs to recall the 
selection on audacity I ask you before. I'd like to share to you and listers 
because I sometimes lost my selection
After making the selection, go to edit 
menu (alt+e)
Up arrow to "region save" and press enter.
If you lost the 
selection, just go to edit menu (Alt+e), up arrow to "Region restore", and hit 
enter on it. The last selection should be recalled.
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>Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: looking for  audo tune plugin
>Hi Cuong,
>I've had a quick look at the gsnap plugin, and it 
  seems to work.
>A quick way to hear it in action is to generate a chirp, and 
  then apply the effect.
>1. open the chirp generator on the generate 
>2. Set the start and end frequencies to 440 and 660 hz.
>3. set the 
  start and end amplitudes to 0.5.
>4. set the duration to 4 seconds.
  make sure that on the playback page of preferences, the length of preview is 
  set to at least 4 seconds.
>The generated audio is selected by default, so 
  you can just open the gsnap effect. 
>Then trying setting the preset to 
  subtle, and pressing the preview button. Then try with the preset set to not 
>In both cases the continuous tone has been changed into steps.
  of the settings can only be reached using the Jaws cursor. Important ones 
>1. Select scale. if you press the left mouse button, then a dialog 
  opens to set the key. With the above chirp example it's easy to hear the 
  difference between major an minor keys.
>2. Don't click the midi mode 
  button, as midi isn't available.
>3. If you moving the jaws cursor word by 
  word, you'll find that the controls with edit boxes are grouped into fours. 
  You'll go through four names of controls, followed by the four edit boxes for 
  these controls. Click on the number in an edit box to edit it.
  and loading presets. I've had a quick look at this. It doesn't seem to work 
  completely correctly - the min freq doesn't seem to get loaded in 
  Dang Manh Cuong <dangmanhcuong@xxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: 
  looking for audo tune plugin
>Hi Steve
>GSnap is accessible to 
  Jaws for 
>windows, but if you have free time, please share some experience 
  about it. On my 
>pc, it sound not apply any effect although I tried 
  adjusting all slider. May be 
>I misunderstand what each slider do.
  the way, I'd like to ask about the 
>save preset of vst plugin. I see in 
  gSnap and some other vst plugins have an 
>options to save the preset at an 
  *.xml file, but when I load the file wich I 
>save, it didn't work, and I 
  don't know why. If you have any advise about that, 
>please help 
>Thanks so much.
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  [audacity4blind] Re: looking for audo tune plugin
>>PS. I don't 
  know how accessible GSnap is. Hopefully you'll be able to tell 
>>On 2 August 2012 03:16, Steve the 
><stevethefiddle@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> If you're running on Windows, try GSnap http://www.gvst.co.uk/gsnap.htm
>Audacity does not support the MIDI features and does not do 
>processing, but other than that GSnap works on 
>>> On 2 
  August 2012 01:31, MATT TURNER <METURNER88@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>>> hay there, i'm looking for an audo tune plugin that 
>in audacity any
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