[audacity4blind] Re: looking for audo tune plugin

  • From: "Dang Manh Cuong" <dangmanhcuong@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 09:32:49 +0700

Hi Gail
You mean I should select the preset I saved before  from the dropdown list 
don't you?
If so, it doesn't exist on my preset list. When I save my preset, it take the 
xml file to application data\audacity. Is this right place to save it?
Using windows 7 32 bit.
Thank you.
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  > On 2 August 2012 04:49, Dang Manh Cuong <dangmanhcuong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  > > By the way, I'd like to ask about the save preset of vst plugin. I see in
  > > gSnap and some other vst plugins have an options to save the preset at an
  > > *.xml file, but when I load the file wich I save, it didn't work, and I
  > > don't know why. If you have any advise about that, please help me.

  If you are talking about loading VST presets in Audacity, I am 
  not convinced these work all the time, or intuitively. 

  But having saved a preset, try selecting it from the menu in the
  plug-in, rather than pressing "Load". 


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