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  • Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 17:09:41 +0100

| From "jim gamage" <james.gamage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
| Tue, 10 Sep 2013 16:45:32 +0100
| Subject: getting and Error.
> Hello Gale,
> I am the one who got the error with MME, after going into devices and OK
> several times, the noise has disappeared,I don't know why,  but I still have
> a peculiarity, the level of sound increases slightly if I go into devices
> and O K after loading Audacity

The output level should not increase of course, unless you changed
the output device in Preferences. 

> the program is now usable, but it gets more curious all the time.

I hope that some quirks will be resolved for 2.0.5 if we update to 
the latest version of PortAudio. 

> I don't think my soundcard driver is broken, it works on all other
> applications now and I do have two soundcards, a Realtek and a Soundblaster,
> both work alright. 

Many SoundBlaster cards are now very old and no longer 
supported by Creative.  Do you know exactly what make and
model number your SoundBlaster is? 

Audacity must keep updating PortAudio (as above) so that we 
support the latest devices. Occasionally this may create problems 
for very old devices. 


> It's good to get feedback, so thanks to all who have answered.
> Best Regards, Jim. 
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> | From David Bailes <david_bailes@xxxxxxxxxxx> Tue, 10 Sep 2013 14:44:59 
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> | Subject: getting and Error.
>  > Hi Matt,
> > I'm getting the same error from time. It ends up going away, and I 
> > can't aways remember what I've done to fix it. One time it went away 
> > after I opened preferences and pressed ok. (Similar to Jim's noise 
> > problem). The other time I changed the sampling rate in the Quality 
> > category of preferences to 48000, and it went away, I then changed it 
> > back to its normal value and it was still fine. I'm not sure whether 
> > or not it's connected to having another program sending audio to 
> > another playback device.
> David,
> Are you talking here about only WDM-KS? 
> A few people have said that you need to select the WDM-KS input in Device
> Toolbar (even if it's already selected) to stop the 
> "error opening" (though I don't see that).    
> One person said you had to do this with MME, but I think he may have a
> broken sound card driver.
> If I recall, OK'ing Preferences even without making changes will have the
> effect of exercising the device lists, so that might be the explanation of
> what you're seeing. 
> Gale  
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> > Subject: [audacity4blind] getting and Error.
> > 
> > Hay there, I'm getting a error when trying to use the new WDM-KS audio 
> > interface I'm using 2 sound cards, i've got speech from NVDA going to 
> > my computer, and have audacity set to use my USB sound card.
> > When i import a mp3 file just to test, i get the following.
> > ErrorError while opening sound device. Please check the output device 
> > settings and the project sample rate.
> > OK
> > any fix?

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