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  • From: David Bailes <david_bailes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 12:32:22 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Eloh,

as John Hess as posted, one way to do what you want is to import the second 
file to form a second track, and then copy and paste the audio to the end of 
the first track. However, in his instructions, after you've copied the audio 
and moved back to the first track you need to select it (by pressing 
enter) before pressing j, and then pasting the audio. So a slightly modified 
form of his instructions would be:
1. Open or import the first file, trim etc.
2. Import the second file (ctrl+shift+I). This creates a second track.
3. After importing a file the new track is the only selected track in the 
project and is the focus. The keystrokes j and k move the cursor to the start 
and end of the audio in selected tracks. So you can select a time range which 
includes all the audio in the selected track by pressing j, and then shift+k. 
(pressing k and then shift+j would obviously also work).
4. Press ctrl+c to select the audio, and then press shift+c to delete the track 
because you don't need it any more.
5. The focus will be back on the first track, as it's now the only track. Press 
Enter to select it.
6. To move to the end of the audio in this track you can either press End, 
which moves to the end of the audio in all the tracks, or k which moves to the 
end of the audio in the selected tracks. Then press ctrl+v to paste the audio.

Another way of doing what you want would be to open the second file into a 
second window, copy it, and then paste it back into the first window:
1. Open or import the first file, trim etc.
2. Open the second file, which is opened in a new window which contains a 
single track.
3. Press ctrl+a to select all the audio, press ctrl+c to copy, and then press 
alt+f4 to close the window. A dialog opens asking whether you want to save 
changes before closing. Tab to the no button, and press it.
4. You're returned to the first window, with the fist track is still selected. 
Press End or k to move to the end of the audio, and then press ctrl+v to paste 
the audio.

best wishes,

original message:

Hi list, after importing audio to my project from a mp3 file and trimming it to 
how I want it; how do I import another file to begin on the same track 
beginning immediately after the first  audio file? like a continuous song, but 
from different files? i.e. like a dj mixing in another song? Thanks, Eloh

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