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> So we just press that and export? 

After using Find Zero Crossings, the selection boundaries should
be at a zero sample (absolute silence) for mono tracks. 

For stereo tracks the boundary of one channel (left or right) may
not be at absolute silence because the zero point could be 
different in the left channel than in the right. 

Find Zero Crossings should be used when pasting as well as 
when cutting.  

This should give some explanation:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Editing#clicks . 

So for the simple task of making a selection that you intend to 
export, adjusting the selection, z then File > Export Selection 
should always be fine for mono tracks. Find Zero Crossings 
only moves the selection an inaudible length (so a selection 
starting on a drum beat still sounds as if it starts there) but it 
helps prevent clicks.

For stereo tracks you may have to experiment more with the 
selection and edit points.  



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>   Hi Cuong,
>   my understanding of zero crossings goes something like this.
>   If you've selected some audio, and are about to cut or delete it, then if 
> you "find the zero crossings", then this adjusts the selected time range 
> slightly, so that the amplitudes at the start and end are close to zero, and 
> this minimizes any clicks that might be introduced when deleting or copying 
> and pasting. You can find "find zero crossings" on the edit menu, and it has 
> the shortcut z.
>   I suppose you could find the zero crossings before exporting, that is 
> ctrl+a to select everything, z to find zero crossings, and then export 
> selected. However, my guess is that the start and end of most recording 
> projects as fairly quiet anyway.
>   David.
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>   Subject: [audacity4blind] find zero crossing
>   ? 
>   Hi listers
>   In some of materials about podcasting I read, they recommend find zero 
> crossings and remove it before exporting. However I don't understand how it 
> work in audacity. I know the zero crossings appears when joining 2 part of 
> audio. Does it accessibles? and how to use?

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