[audacity4blind] Re: editing in audacity and mp3 formats

  • From: "Sarah" <kales2@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 18:22:39 -0700

YOu need to find our laimenc.dll file. if you don't have that ou can download  
tht from the audacity web site. No in 1.2 you cannot set a selection marker and 
the curser does not move with playback. That would be nice though.
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  From: Zdenek Vopat 
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  Subject: [audacity4blind] editing in audacity and mp3 formats

  I appologize if this questyion was answered before but let us say that I am 
listening the file in audacity and sI find a place where I want to start 
editing, is it posible to have a command that would place the audacity cursor 
at the place where I paused then mark that place than play again paused again 
and deleted from the first marked place to the place where I paused?
  Second question in the properties menu I can not find the rates for the mp3 
  I am using audacity 2.4 I believe.
  Thank you.

  Zdeněk Vopat


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