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  • Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2011 23:45:25 GMT

| From Brad Erhardt <bookmanbrad@xxxxxxx> 
| Sat, 5 Nov 2011 11:23:13 -0700
| Subject: [audacity4blind] double voice?
> Hello everybody, I don't know if you have ever experienced this, but if 
> you are whistling for example and someone else whistles perfectly in 
> sync with you there is a strange vibration. Or let us take popular music,
> many times in music you here the voice of the singer, and what they do
> is sing the section of that track, then dubb that to a tape while singing it 
> again. This way there voice is doubled, and again has that real unique 
> sound. I am trying to find out if this is possible to do in audacity. 
> Simply using duplicate doesn't work because it has two tracks but they
> sound like one voice. 

You want to duplicate, but then modify the duplicated track. At least 
two things you can try that are often done are to time shift the 
duplicate a few milliseconds, or change its speed very slightly 
(probably using Effect > Change Speed which changes pitch as well).
Both will make the audio seem "wider" or "more dense".

To do the Time Shift the easiest way is probably to select the duplicate
press HOME to make sure the cursor is at the start, then Generate >
Silence. Use the Context key and choose hh:mm:ss + milliseconds 
then you can choose the length of silence to insert at the start. 

For Change Speed you only want a change like 0.005 per cent or so.

Also you will want to reduce the gain on each track (ALT + SHIFT +
Down to reduce gain on the focused track) because multiple tracks 
always increase the volume. 

You could also try both speed change and time shift and use the gain
on each track to adjust how much of each effect goes into the mix. 
ALT + SHIFT + Up increases gain on the focused track. 


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