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If you don't want to play all the way through to the end you can go to the
selection bar and advance the end/length field.






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When listening to the file, press P for pause when you reach the beginning
of the section you want to delete.  Then press the left square bracket and
then the space bar.  Press the space bar again to resume play and press P
again when you reach the end of the the desired section.  Then press the
right square bracket and then the space bar.  You now have the section
bracketed.  You can press C to hear how it it would sound with the section
deleted and press the delete key to delete the section. 

Rich De Steno

On 2/6/2013 1:03 PM, Kimsan wrote:


I have jeans tutorial but I am on bit of a time crunch so I hope someone can
provide quitck tips?


I recorded this test file, but I am wanting to remove certain parts of the
recording which isn't necessary to be there. Let me provide a stupid

There is a 20 minute recording, in the twenty minutes, I am wanting to
remove 5 minutes of the recording because lets say, I forgot to turn off the
recorder while I was waiting to record the next part.

Any help will be appreciated,




Kimsan Song




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