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| From "Greg" <sonnygdp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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| Subject: audio from video
> I downloaded Switch and extracted the audio from my video.

Note that Audacity Beta can extract audio from video files if you add 
the optional FFmpeg library to your computer:

This means you can select and import a video file using the standard
File > Open or File > Import > Audio menu in Audacity. If you 
download "FFmpeg for Audacity" from the above page, you will 
need to use Audacity 1.3.13 (the current Beta).    

>  How do I highlight the portion of the audio to use as my sample of 
> what I want to delete?

In the usual way, for example by pressing [ and ] when you hear some 
audio that is only noise. The ] key will draw a selection between the
points in the audio where you pressed [ and ]. 

Instructions for Noise Removal are here:

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> Is it possible to extract audio from a video file with audacity beta 
> using Windows Vista?
>  Is there an audio extractor that works with Jaws?
> I have home videos with terrible static that I would like to clean.
>   Greg

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