[audacity4blind] Re: audacity jaws script thing

  • From: Andrew Downie <access_tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 07:41:50 +1100

I assume by the obvious you mean:

Run,C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\17.0\jfw.exe

It is a while since I have used a 32 bit machine and my memory says that the program files folder doesn't have the (x86) chunk added to it on them. If that doesn't work, try starting from your C drive, opening program files and looking for Freedom Scientific. Alternatively, just use NVDA and avoid the complications (smile). That comment is made by one who has rarely used JAWS with Audacity and never with the scripts, so you can safely disregard it. Now it's off to the dentist as punishment.

On 1/11/2016 4:56 AM, don wardlow wrote:

Hi guys

I just downloaded JAWS 18.

Thing is, I need to use JAWS 17 when I use Audacity because a new audacity script for JAWS 18 isn’t out that I know of.

Anybody know how to run JAWS 17 by choice instead of JAWS 18?

I’ve tried the obvious and it doesn’t work.

I’m using a 32-bit computer with Windows 7.

Thank you.


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