[audacity4blind] Re: applying a quick fade out

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 07:29:31 +0100

Hi Mike!
yes, you can alter a project at any time because it is saved with all tracks
intact. Only if you export the project to an audio format such as mp3, the
tracks are mixed down to one. Saving the project means you can reopen and
continue work on it.
In order to fade out you need to select the required passage. Press shift-A
during playback where you want the fade to begin. This will set the cursor
at that spot. Then press shift-end to select to the end of the file, then
apply Fade Out. To get a smoother sounding fade you can repeat the effect by
pressing ctrl-r.
Cheers! Robbie
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Hey everyone,
I have a dry voice track and music file mixed together with auto ducking
already applied. Now, I want to insert a fade out, so that at the point
where the voice track ends, and the music is automatically ducked back up to
its full level, I want the music file to play for a few seconds more, then
totally fade out altogether at a rapid but yet smooth enough pace, to give
it that professional-like sound. I've tried marking the place where I want
the fade out to start and selecting (fade out) from the effects menu, but it
doesn't seem to take any effect. As I'm writing this to you, the currently
working file is open in Audacity. If I save it, Audacity will mix the two
files together as one. Even if I save the file as is now, will I still be
able to apply the fade out at the point where I want it the next time I open
it? This is a promo to which I'm putting together for a future on-air
broadcast for ACBRI. Thanks in advance for your help.
Rochester, NY.

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