[audacity4blind] Re: Where can I find good quality sound effects I can use in Audacity?

  • From: Sharni-Lee Ward <sharni-lee.ward@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 06:53:42 +0930

Thanks for the link! :D I'm not sure whether or not I've seen this site before, 
but it looks pretty good. I'm downloading a sound right now to see just how 
good the quality is, and the file size is a mite large, but that might just be 
because of the length of the audio.

> Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 12:31:32 +0100
> Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Where can I find good quality sound effects I 
> can use in Audacity?
> From: stevethefiddle@xxxxxxxxx
> To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Have a look at https://www.freesound.org/
> Free registration is required for downloading sounds. When registered
> you can also upload your own sounds to the Freesound library.
> Ensure that you read the conditions for using sounds (legally) from
> Freesound.org: https://www.freesound.org/help/faq/#licenses-0
> Steve
> On 25 April 2014 02:04, Sharni-Lee Ward <sharni-lee.ward@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've played around with many of the features of Audacity since I got it, and
> > was particularly intrigued by the sound generators. Of course, there's only
> > so much you can do with tones and white/pink noise, and although I have
> > installed the Nyquist "Surf LFO" plug-in, it's not the same as real waves,
> > though it comes close. My question is, are there any really good sites out
> > there where I can download free, high-quality background sounds (high
> > quality meaning they sound exactly as they would if you were encountering
> > them in reality and are in stereo) that I could use for any future Audacity
> > projects? Things like waves, wind, running water, rain, bird and animal
> > calls (individual. I can mix them together to make things sound more natural
> > later), and the like are what I'm after. Alternatively, if anyone on this
> > list has a package of such sounds that they downloaded previously, I'd love
> > to get in touch off-list. :D
> >
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