[audacity4blind] Re: Where can I find good quality sound effects I can use in Audacity?

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If you do a Google search for sound effects, you will find a lot of
results.  Many sites that appear in the results appear to have some or all
free downloads.
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Subject: [audacity4blind] Where can I find good quality sound effects I
can use in Audacity?
> Hi,
> I've played around with many of the features of Audacity since I got it,
> and was particularly intrigued by the sound generators. Of course, there's
> only so much you can do with tones and white/pink noise, and although I
> have installed the Nyquist "Surf LFO" plug-in, it's not the same as real
> waves, though it comes close. My question is, are there any really good
> sites out there where I can download free, high-quality background sounds
> (high quality meaning they sound exactly as they would if you were
> encountering them in reality and are in stereo) that I could use for any
> future Audacity projects? Things like waves, wind, running water, rain,
> bird and animal calls (individual. I can mix them together to make things
> sound more natural later), and the like are what I'm after. Alternatively,
> if anyone on this list has a package of such sounds that they downloaded
> previously, I'd love to get in touch off-list. :D

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