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  • Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2011 18:41:03 GMT

| From Brad Erhardt <bookmanbrad@xxxxxxx> 
| Wed, 2 Nov 2011 08:44:30 -0700
| Subject: [audacity4blind] Using audacity with USB Headset 
> Hello all, I wonder if anyone knows how you can set up audacity to toggle
> output to a USB headset. I currently have one connected, and in the sounds 
> panel of system preferences I have it selected as output. I am hearing the
> VoiceOver through it, but when I am in audacity and play a file, it is coming
> through the output of the built in speakers. I know there is a popup button in
> preferences for audacity about output but this would be a more permenant 
> type of change. I am wanting to change this on the fly. 

You can use SHIFT + O to open the "Select Output Device" dialogue for 
Device Toolbar: 

You cannot allocate shortcuts to a particular device. 

> Secondly, I understand that in the tooldoc there is a Meeter section but I 
> can't
> seem to understand that using VoiceOver. There seem to be a lot of areas 
> that I interact with that are empty. There is also a grabber area. Can anyone 
> help me figure out how to do this on a Mac computer. I am using Audacity 
> 1.3.14.

Meter Toolbar is not screen reader accessible on any platforms at the 

To check for possible clipping, you can use Analyze > Find Clipping 
which adds labels for any clipped regions:

The labels are not read out in the label track, but you can have them
read at Tracks > Edit Labels. This could cause Audacity to crash or 
freeze if there are a lot of labels. 

It's probably better to set a fairly low input level in Mixer Toolbar and
Amplify the recording afterwards.  


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