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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 12:02:57 +0200

I'm using JAWS 13 and Audacity 2.0.1. But for the JAWS-w command, the 
keystrokes have no effect at all. Not even after compiling the .jss file and 
restarting JAWS. Any ideas?
Cheers, Robbie
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Hi listers
With a permition from Gary Campbell, I've made some modification of his script, 
and created installer for it. You can download this script from 
Here is a short details
1. You can adjust gane, or pan using alt+shift+ arrows. You can't do it before 
because these hotkeys for moving mouse up, down etc using jaws.
2. This installer wrote by Nullsoft scriptable install system. I wrote it about 
a year ago.
3. This installer can detect and install script to the correct location, and 
then recompile it.
4. You'll be asked to select Jaws version if your computer have more than one 
Jaws installed.
Note that you can't install script to multiple jaws at this time. This 
limitation would be fix in the future.
Happy to recieve any responsibility.
Hope that you'd like this.
Dang Manh Cuong
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