[audacity4blind] Re: Tutorials - Would this one doable for us with screen reader?

  • From: Robert Hänggi <aarjay.robert@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 07:36:51 +0100

2015-01-08 22:01 GMT+01:00, Heiko Folkerts <heiko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> scanning the manual I found this very interesting and detailled Tutorial on
> mixing a narration with background music.
> http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorial_mixing_a_narration_with_backgr
> ound_music.html
> Since they use clips in the narration track and move them to a label in the
> music track I wonder whether we can perform the same steps or do we have to
> use an alternate method?
> Thanks in advance

Clips and labels are not accessible (yet).

I think the easiest way is to use the cut command.
For the tutorial the steps would be:
- Select the narration track
- Go to the point where the second section begins, i.e. set the cursor there.
- Select all to the end (Shift-End)
- Ctrl-x
- set the cursor at the position where the narration should set in.
- Paste the audio (Ctrl-v).
- search for the beginning of the third section, select all in the
narration track till the end and cut it out.
- paste at the desired position.

Note that the music track is never selected during this procedure.

It might well be that Audacity will be able in a upcoming release to
cycle and select a single clip with the tab key. We-ve recently
discussed this on the forum and Steve will probably work on this if
time permits.


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