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At 09:31 PM 7/13/2020, "  (Redacted sender "sgsmg49" for DMARC wrote:
>I have an album recorded on one track.  Three years ago I
>digitized about 30 cassettes with version 2.1.3 using the clip boundries
>method presented by Jim g.  It worked great for me.  I'm now working with
>windows 10 and Audacity, version 2.4.2 and am having all kinds of trouble. After
>splitting all the tracks and naming them I use Export Multiple and all seems
>to go well. Then wen I go to play the tracks the first one plays perfectly.
>Then each consecutive track has a long period of silence before playing the
>music.  It seems that that period of silence increases with each track. It's
>getting quite frustrating.

That makes sense because of where your clips are being defined. Consider a much simpler approach.

>For the split I start out with the first track
>selected.  I hit Control A then start the play.

By pressing control+A, you're selecting the entire track, which you don't need to do because tracks are entirely selected until you select specific regions.

>At the end of the track I hit left bracket then the space bar.

Why left-bracket? If you're at the end of the track, you want to use right-bracket, then shift+home to select to the beginning.

>I then go to the edit menue and do the
>new split.  I hit enter to unselect the track and move to the next and
>follow this to the end.  I've done the same thing using X to mark the split
>point.  Both ways produce the same result.  I think something must be going
>haywire in the export process.

I think you're making this harder than it has to be. Just use your brackets to select the album's songs, label each song as a region, then export all regions. You're done. No ne

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