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  • Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 10:37:42 +0200

Hi Thomas,
there are some recent posts to this topic in the archive.

Here's my method:
I've installed the 4 plug-ins attached.
All they do is shift the audio 1 or 10 ms left or right respectivly.
It is of course not handy to call them from the effect menu each time.
Therefore, I've created 4 short-cuts such as
- Control-Left (shift 10 ms left)
- Control-Right (shift 10 ms right)
- Control-Alt -Left (shift 1 ms left)
- Control-Alt -Right (shift 1 ms right)

The shifting is done by either inserting silence at the beginning or
deleting audio from it.
It is therefore best to firstly select the track that's farther to the
right (if the other track starts without gap) and secondly always to
select from the start of the track (the length is not essential.

This works great if you can control the alignment right at the start.
Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
In order to be able to control in the middle of a track, we have to
use a little trick:
- Search a point where you can easily hear if the tracks are in sync.
- Select this region and go to the edit menu.
- Choose "Play Region" --> Lock

From now on, always the same region will be played, regardless how the
cursor is moved.

We can now start to shift the audio
- Select the track you want to move and select to the start of it (Shift-Home)
- Use the plug-ins I've mentioned to align the tracks and listen
frequently to the result.
When you're done, don't forget to unlock the region.
Again, I've assigned shortcuts- Q to lock and
- Shift-Q to unlock the region.

This all might sound complicated but it really isn't once you've
installed the plug-ins and have set up the key combinations.

For instance, You could load the two tracks with the communication.
Let's say the second track is 82 ms later. The sequence could be
(second track selected):

Space -- Play
Shift-A -- to stop and set the cursor, optionally further cursour movement
Q -- to lock the region
Shift-Home -- expand selection to the track Start
Control(-Shift) arrow keys -- to move the track
Space -- to control the alignment
ShiftQ -- to unlock the region

Hope this helps


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