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  • From: "Nolan Darilek" <nolan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 10:26:37 +0100

Hello, thanks! Can't reply to anything in much detail at the moment, but I'll toss out a few general thoughts.

Thanks for the link to the JAWS guide. I'd been looking for such a resource for quite some time, but not finding it. In reading through it, I discovered that what I'd wanted to do by timeshifting was actually called "align tracks." Is the timeshift tool just a visual means of accomplishing the same thing?

Thanks, also, for the "duck audio" plugin. Hopefully once I've gotten my other computer and its music clips back, I'll experiment with this and see what I can churn out.

I think, though, that an accessible envelope tool would be a desirable end goal. How, exactly, does it work? Say, for instance, I want to duck bed music at a given point. Do I highlight the waveform and drag it down? Or do I actually draw a curve in the wave where the audio gets softer then increases? I ask because I'm trying to determine what to suggest. I think, though, that ultimately I'd like to have controls rather than dialogue boxes such that I can tweak the audio while playing. At the moment I'm thinking of tools that increase/decrease the volume at a given point, plus another to return it to its original level. I'm not sure, though, whether decreasing the volume at a given point results in all audio after that point being dropped to the same levels such that the workflow is "decrease volume one notch, move right, decrease volume another notch", or "decrease volume one notch, move right, decrease volume two notches, etc."

What I was hoping for with the volume and other meters were actual numeric readings such that I could write JAWS/NVDA scripts to read them in response to a keystroke. Then, while I'm listening to field recordings, I could determine how close any given playing sample is to clipping. I gather from the overview that these meters are graphical? Perhaps a preference could be added to display them as digits? I'd like to minimize trips to dialogue boxes, particularly for information-retrieval or interactive tasks.

Thanks, hopefully that covers most of the points to which I wished to reply.

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