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  • From: "David R. Sky" <davidsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 07:39:43 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Leland and Nolan,

I've posted timeshif.ny (Time Shifter) and duck.ny (Duck audio), both will appear under the effects menu.

I could write a plug-in to textually simulate an amplitude envelope. For example, after you make a selection and open the plug-in, you could enter a series of pairs of numbers: percentage (or time) of the selection gone by and volume at that point. is that something you were thinking of Nolan?



David R. Sky

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007, Leland wrote:

Hi Nolan,

It's always good to make suggestions to the devlers, especially about
accessibility.  That keeps 'em on their toes and keeps 'em thinking about it
as they make changes.

Heck, just recently we've been yackin' about a small change to the selection
bar and a rather major change to the metadata editor.  In both cases, I was
surprised by the accessibility awareness of the other devlers.

Your understanding of the envelope tool is correct.  It allows you to
smoothly or abruptly adjust volumes.  Your keyboard shortcut idea is very
possible.  Would you recommend a dialog pop up allowing you to enter the
desired volume (much finer control) or just one that you press multiple
times to increase or decrease by a set amount (the usual being 3 decibels).

And you are right, there should be a way to timeshift a given selection,
but, if I'm understanding correctly, you can accomplish what you need using
cut and paste.  It's still a few steps though.

1)  Import your voice track
2)  Import your bumper track

It will be automatically selected (Jaws should say "select on" when
cursoring to it.)

3)  Cursor down to your bumper track
4)  Press HOME
5)  Press SHIFT+END (this will highlight the whole track)
6)  Press CTRL+X

Your bumper track is still there, but all of the data has been cut.  And the
cursor will be repositioned to zero.

7)  Press SPACE to start playing

Listen for the point where you want to put the bumper and press the left
bracket to move the cursor to that point.

8)  Press SPACE again to stop playing
9)  Press ENTER to select the voice track
10) Press CTRL+V to paste your bumper track at the new cursor position.

It will insert the audio into your voice track at the point you pressed the
left bracket.

If you find that control is not fine enough using the left bracket, you can
use the selection bar to be extremely precise about where the audio should
be pasted.

Interesting thought about the volume at a certain point.  I kind of thought
I saw a plugin for that already somewhere.  David, did you do something like
this before?


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