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  • From: "David R. Sky" <davidsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:55:08 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Noland,

Thanks for your repost, I just read through your first post and will get to you about it. I believe I've already written what you want, or at least what I understand you want. I'll get back to you after going through all my email here.


David R. Sky

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007, Nolan Darilek wrote:

Hello. Sent a message about this to the list this morning, but a look at the 
archives isn't showing it. Maybe with the increased activity here, I can find 
some answers.

I'd like to use Audacity to (finally) get my podcast off the ground. There are 
some tasks which I don't think can be accomplished accessibly, though, and I've 
tried to learn how to write plugins, but lisp-like languages have always been 
difficult for me to wrap my brain around for some reason. I'd like to begin my 
podcast with bed music that fades out to, say, 40% of its original amplitude, 
at which point I introduce the episode, increase to full volume then fade out 
completely. I can fade to silence, but AFAIK the envelope tool isn't accessible 
and that's what I'd need.

What, exactly, does the envelope tool allow? Is it just for adjusting volumes 
of the waveform? I wonder if it might be worth submitting accessibility 
suggestions to the Audacity developers--perhaps keyboard shortcuts for 
increasing/decreasing the volume at point of selection, but I'm not familiar 
with the tool and don't know if my view of it is greatly simplified.

In the absence of this, how difficult would it be to write a plugin to fade in/out to the specified 
percentage of original amplitude? It would behave exactly as the standard "fade out/in" 
effects, but would perhaps have a percentage slider and the end result would be audio at that 
percent of its original amplitude ("original amplitude" defined as its volume independent 
of any fades.)

I also want to timeshift bumper music/promos. In my tests I've been doing this 
by inserting silence, but the process is rather tedius. I first need to find 
the time in my voice track where I'd like to insert the bumper. Memorizing that 
time, I then have to import the desired audio into a new track, arrow to it, 
select a portion then insert silence until it has reached the specified length.

Is there any way to access the timeshift tool? If not, is that functionality available 
via plugin such that, say, a "Timeshift track to current" plugin could present 
a list of tracks then shift the selected track to the position of the play/record head? 
I've also not checked whether inserting silence makes my project files' sizes explode or 
whether the format is smart enough to not record the silence as bytes, though even so, it 
would be nice knowing that a given bumper track is whatever its actual length is without 
seeing the length of the silence reported in that time as well.

One final question. Is there any way of determining the volume of audio on a 
specified track at a specified point in time? Perhaps some area of the screen 
that displays this information as a track plays? Thinking that I might like to 
try writing JAWS/NVDA scripts to make Audacity more friendly in some respects 
(if others haven't already, that is) and it'd be cool to know how close my 
recordings come to clipping.

Thanks a bunch! Hoping this list becomes more active. I really like Audacity's 
multitrack nature and have played with other programs for audio in the past 
months, but keep coming back to Audacity, wishing there were some way to get 
these features.

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