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  • From: David Bailes <david_bailes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 15:13:29 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Vitor,
the idea of sync-lock tracks is to try and keep a group of tracks time 
synchronised with each other when some operation, such as deleting, affects the 
timing of one or more tracks in the group.

Say you just had two audio tracks, and they were sync-locked. If you select one 
track and a time range, and delete the selected audio, then the audio in that 
time range in the unselected track is also deleted, so that all the remaining 
audio in the two tracks is still in sync with each other.
Similarly with just two tracks which are sync locked, then if you select one 
track, and paste some audio into that track at the cursor position, then 
silence, with the same duration as the pasted audio, is pasted into the 
unselected track at the cursor position.

You switch sync lock tracks on and off in the tracks menu, and by default it's 
If there are only audio tracks in the project, then there's just one group of 
sync-locked tracks. The tracks in a project can be divided up into more than 
one group using label tracks. Each audio track with follows immediately after a 
label track starts a new group.

When you select one or more tracks in a sync locked group, then an appropriate 
icon is shown in the track for sighted users, the the phrase "sync lock 
selected" is added to the name of the track for screen reader users.

There's more info on the manual page for sync locked groups:


On Thursday, 8 January 2015, 9:35, vitorflash <vitorflash@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello. Does any one hwo works with several tracks at the same time know 
what Sync-Lock Tracks means? As i’m using various 
tracks in a project at the same time, i would like to understand this concept. 
Thank you

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