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Hi Robbie,
it does appear to be a windows problem. Audacity calls a windows system call 
for the beep, which often doesn't seem to do anything. Others on the web have 
reported problems with this system call. It may be possible to use an 
alternative system call to fix this, but it won't be possible to do this before 
the next 2.1 release which should be coming in the next few weeks,


On Friday, 23 January 2015, 6:01, Robbie <tickleberryfun@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I agree that it’s probably a Windows problem but I’m afraid your suggestion 
does not fix it. The problem persists regardless of the selected sound scheme.
Cheers! Robbie
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This is the problem from Windows, not Audacity. Do the folowing to check and 
fix in Windows 7 / 8:
Go to Control Panel
Go to sound
Ctrl+tab to the sound page, and choose a sound scheme from the combo box
Find and hit the OK button to save and exit.
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>From:Afik Sofir 
>Sent:Thursday, January 22, 2015 11:37 PM
>Subject:[audacity4blind] Re: Sound when cycling through tracks
>Hi all 
>I have the same problem 
>I'm using windows 7 32 bit pro 
>With jaws 15 
>Best regards,
>Afik Sofir
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>Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Sound when cycling through tracks
>Hi David!
>I’m using Windows 8.1 with JAWS 16.
>Cheers! Robbie
> On Behalf Of David Bailes
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>Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Sound when cycling through tracks
>Hi Robbie,
>which version of windows are you using?
>On Wednesday, 21 January 2015, 15:46, Robbie <tickleberryfun@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hi all!
>I don’t always get a sound indication when navigating down from the last track 
>and jumping to the first. That sound is very helpful, but for some reason it 
>some times works and other times it doesn’t. Any ideas would be welcome.
>Thanks! Robbie

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