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I am writing this a long way from home without access to a computer. I suspect
what you want is the reverb effect. You would need to play with it to get the
exact sound that you wanted.


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Another thing I'd like to find out, if I was to record my own versions of
airport announcements, what would be the best setting for simulating the
sound coming through a PA system? Would I set the EQ curve to Walkie Talkie?
AM Radio? Telephone? I'm confused! Also, what is the frequency of that hum
you sometimes hear on the flight attendant's intercom on the airplane?

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Hi Annabelle

Having consulted a friend who has way better ears than mine, he was able to
tell me that the two tones that make up the announcement tone are a minor
third and almost certainly fourth octave b and fifth octave d. Armed with
that information, I have generated something that sounds to my tin ears
pretty close to the sound in the recording. I used a sine wave and generated
each tone onto a separate track. Sample mp3 file attached. Note the brief
fade out at the end to match the chime at the airport.

The frequencies for the two notes are 493.883 and 587.33. You could adjust
them if you think they are not quite right.


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Hi, it's Annabelle.
I wonder, how would I generate the sound of an announcement bell, that is,
the bell you'd hear on a PA system, like that of an airport or in a
supermarket? Here's an example of what I want to generate. Listen carefully
for the bell before the announcements.

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