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Your problem may be that you stop play before you press a bracket.  I am
not using any scripts and I get no announcement from JAWS or any
screen-reader when I press a bracket.  Keep the file playing and press a
bracket or pause the file and press a bracket.  You may want to pause play
but I find this an unnecessary and redundant step.

Also, there is a setting in Audacity that makes it unnecessary to select a
track if you are editing a stereo or monaural file.  I describe the
setting and how it should be set in my presentation.  I don't recall the
details now.

I'm not discussing whether this setting should be used when editing
multitrack files and I don't know if it should be used in that context. 
I've done almost no editing of multitrack files.  I'm discussing only
simple stereo or monaural files.

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There is a setting in Audacity, I don't recall what it is now, that I
mention in my presentation that makes selecting a track unnecessary if you
are simply editing a monaural or stereo recording.  I'm not sure what
happens if this setting is not used but if you set it, as described in my
presentation, you don't have to select a track when editing a simple
stereo or monaural file.

> Hi Johny
> Do you select the focus track before selecting any part of it?
> The problem I usually have when start learning Audacity is I foreget
> selecting the track wich I want to edit. Make sure you select it by
> pressing insert+tab. You should here: track name select on if you select
> it before
> By the way, there's a jaws script for audacity written by Gary Campbell
> and me at
> https://dangmanhcuong.googlecode.com/files/Jaws%20Script%20for%20Audacity.exe
> If you have fre time, please try and tell us what you think. Thanks all
> listers for download and try it.
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>   Subject: [audacity4blind] Selecting and playing audio
>   Hi there
>   Totally new to audacity so I appreciate all the advice I can get.
>   I've been reading through the tutorials for audacity and JAWS.  It seems
> pretty straight forward, except I'm really struggling to select audio
> and play the selection back.
>   The tutorial says to use the left and right brackets to choose the start
> and end points of the piece you want to select, but I don't think it's
> working for me.  When I try and play the selection back it just plays
> the whole track.  Where am I going wrong?
>   This will probably be the first of many many posts I put up here so
> thanks for all.
>   PS  I'm using JAWS 10 and Windows XP with the latest version of
> Audacity.
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