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At 11:34 AM 2/10/2021, David Bailes wrote:
>concerning scrubbing not working. It might be worth checking in the
>keyboard category of preferences that the keys U and I are assigned to
>scrub backwards and scrub forwards. And as Andrew has noted previously, you
>can only start scrubbing when playback is stopped.

I should check those key assignments, since I presumed they would be.

>Concerning the U and I keys being spoken. If you're using Jaws and the
>default setting of typing echo, then when you press and hold one of these
>keys Jaws speaks the key, and then keeps on repeating it, so making it very
>difficult to hear the scrubbed Audio. This problem doesn't occur with
>either NVDA or Narrator.

Since I route my JAWS output through an entirely different sound card than my audio, I could always turn it down or ignore it, as long as I could actually get scrubbing to work.


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