[audacity4blind] Re: Removing Buffer Stops and Starts in YouTube Songs

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  • Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2014 13:06:12 -0600

Hi, Jacob.  Thank you for the information.  Is there an Audacity manual in 
layman’s terms for extremely new people to sound editing that woould explain 
what the different technical sound terms mean and what each keystroke actually 
does?  Is there a list of keystrokes somewhere that will tell me the difference 
of when to use the arrows and when to use J, K, Comma, and which functions need 
to work during playback and which ones need to work after pressing the spacebar 
to stop the sound?  

How does this site that you mentioned work?  What is the sequence?  Do I search 
with Google for the YouTube song I’m looking for, find the first search result, 
select and copy its link, then go to the YouTube-MP3.org website, and paste 
this into the Edit place and press the Convert button?  That’s what I did, and 
the video that downloaded was called Developers.  What did I do wrong?  

Thank you for your patience.  
Linda Adams

Jacob Kruger 

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Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Removing Buffer Stops and Starts in YouTube Songs

Not necessarily relevant, but, as a starting point, instead of, presumably 
recording playback while youTube is operating in the browser, look at:

Stay well

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  Subject: [audacity4blind] Removing Buffer Stops and Starts in YouTube Songs

  Hello.  I am Linda Adams, new to your list.  

  I have just begun to use Audacity as a sound editor to get rid of the stops 
and starts found in most YouTube songs.  I have removed these bits of silence 
with open bracket, closed bracket, spacebar to stop the music, and then 
backspace to delete.  This works, but the music has a sound as though I had 
stopped a cassette recorder instead of pausing.  How do I make the music smooth 
as I delete those silences so that that break is not heard?  I have tried 
counting seconds between the silences, but I just don’t seem to be fast enough 
to respond.  

  I used to use a program on my XP machine called Polderbits and loved it, but 
it won’t delete silences.  What I liked about Polderbits was that when I right 
arrowed through a song, when I stopped arrowing, the music stopped, giving me a 
chance to stop and start a selection just where I wanted it.  Audacity seems to 
keep playing music even when you stop arrowing.  Is there any way for me to get 
better control or coordination of the deleting silences process?  

  Thank you for any advice.  I am curious to know how else you are using 

  Linda Adams

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