[audacity4blind] Re: Recording failed!

  • From: Gary Campbell <campg2003@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 10:10:58 -0600

What you are describing should work. Updating to 2.1.1 shouldn't affect this.

Have you tried to play the track? After you stop recording the new track is not selected and the region is not changed to include the new audio, so the length of the selection will be 0. You need to press ENTER to select it, then Shift+j, Shift+k to select all of its audio. Then (if the Length radio button in the selection bar is selected) the selection bar (or ALT+] if you have the JAWS scripts) will report the length of the track. Remember that if you do have other tracks in the same window and if any of them are also selected, Shift+j and Shift+k will select the audio in all of them too.

If you don't open a new window, but instead just press r again it will start a new track, which is how I would prefer to do what you are describing, unless you don't want to work with several tracks in the same window. If you are putting all the tracks in the same window, remember that the newly recorded track is not selected, and the focused track does not move to it. To find out the length of the new track, do the following:
Arrow down to the bottom track, or in 2.1.1 press CTRL+END.
Press CTRL+Shift+a to unselect all the tracks.
Press ENTER to select the new track.
Press Shift+j, then Shift+k to select all of the audio in the new track.

Now the selection bar will show the starting and ending position of the track. Also, when you press r the recording will start at the position of the start cursor, so if you do the following:
Press r to record the first track
Switch to your game window and play
switch back to Audacity and press space
press r
switch to the game and play
switch back to Audacity and press space, then r

you will get a series of tracks, each one starting where the last one ended. If for some reason the track doesn't start at the end (say you accidentally hit Home or an arrow key, you can select all the tracks (CTRL+a) and align end to end (ALT+t, a, ENTER).

You can also give your tracks meaningful names using the context menu.

Hope this helps.


On 7/31/2015 12:25 PM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

I've updated to the latest version. I'll try again and see how I go. :)

From: sharni-lee.ward@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Recording failed!
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2015 03:23:39 +0930

There's an Audacity 2.1.1?

I'm using 2.1.0 on a Windows 7 64bit system, and yes, I'm using the wasapi loopback.

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 16:13:53 +0000
From: david_bailes@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Recording failed!

are you using wasapi loopback in audacity to record?
Which version of windows are you using?
Assuming that you're using audacity 2.1.1, when you move back to the audacity window, does the status line still give the state of audacity as recording?


On Friday, 31 July 2015, 15:04, Sharni-Lee Ward <sharni-lee.ward@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm currently trying to record my progress on an audio game that I'm playing. I've set Audacity so that it records the audio that would come out of the speakers, and the first recording usually goes fine. Then I open a new window, turn off NVDA Speech Mode, press R for record, and alt tab to the game window to continue. When I've played for a bit, I check back (I'm separating the documentation into short segments for easier exportation), and find that although in the edit menu, it has the option to undo the record, the recording is 0 seconds long! Last night, this happened on Part 4 of my game recording. Tonight, it happened on Part 2. What am I doing wrong?

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