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I can not even imagine how that would be without this feature. Very nice to hear back as a return channel what I am recording for a very important number of reasons, the main one being the ability to see how I am sounding in the recording in real time to make adjustments and the other among many being the ability to listen my voice over background tracks when doing kind of live recordings.

On 31/10/2018 20:27, David Engebretson Jr wrote:

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever used the software playthrough feature successfully.  It’s always been recorded... sometimes it is really neat – a special type of echo/delay.  Most of the time, though, it duplicates the track and adds to the volume.
Is there a way to only have the software playthrough come through a specific device, or does it always come through the devices->interface Host>Playback device?
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Yes, my bad (frown).  Importantly, for what Claire wants to do, default settings are correct.

Andrew (slaps wrist)

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Hi Andrew,

when you say "please disregard suggestions to turn on overdub", I presume you mean playthrough? (smile),


On Tue, 30 Oct 2018 at 21:58, Andrew Downie <access_tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hi Claire

    Please disregard suggestions to turn on overdub. As David B
    mentioned, it is not necessary for what you are wanting to do.  As
    David E said, pressing r will create a track if none exist and
    start recording on it.  Pressing r again will append to that
    track.  Pressing shift-r will create a second, third, fourth etc
    track and start recording on that freshly created track.

    Importantly, when you start recording on a second track, by
    default you will hear what you recorded on the first track.  As
    Ted suggested, headphones will be necessary to avoid a jumbled mess.

    For your current project, import the music into Audacity.  Then
    move by whatever means you choose to the point where you want to
    start recording your voice.  At that point, press shift-r to start
    recording.  You will hear the music while you record.  It will
    pull down the level of the music as you talk.  Or you may prefer
    to adjust levels – depends on the effect you want.

    A couple of other useful commands to keep in mind. Shift-s solos
    the current track (plays it and no others).  Shift-u mutes the
    current track.

    Happy podcasting.


    One Audacity feature you may find useful in this situation is
    Autoducking under the effects menu.

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    same time

    Hi, i'm really confused, how can I check if overdub is on, both my
    screenreaders, I use NVDA and Jaws don't tell me. When I go to
    load the track and press r then n nothing at all happens.

    Warm regards, Claire Potter, Check out my brand new website:
    www.pottersplace.me.uk <http://www.pottersplace.me.uk>

    On 30 Oct 2018, at 17:05, Ella Yu <ellaxyu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Turn on overdub (I think it's in the transport mccu).  This
        allows you to listen to a track while recording on top of it.
        Wear earphones to listen for best results.  Once you press R
        to record with the file you want to listen to loaded, press N
        for "new track" and press space bar to play the track.  You
        may speak when you need to.

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        Hi all, I have yet another question for you all.  I have a
        music track which I need to use, but I need to record some
        speech over it, this is to create a podcast intro, does anyone
        know if it is possible for me to hear the music track while
        recording my speech? the speech will not need to start until
        around the middle of the track.  Thank you in advance.

        Warm regards, Claire Potter,   Check out my brand new website:
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