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Hi Louise!
In the Transport menu there is an option called Overdub. When activated by
pressing alt-R-O, other tracks in the project will be played while
recording. It's a toggle, so can be deactivated by the same command.
Regarding Overdub recording you should look at the recent thread
concerning latency correction. It's also worth looking up the
corresponding entry in the Audacity tutorial for a basic explanation and
some useful advice.
If you want to hear what is being recorded, activate Software Playthrough
by pressing alt-R-F. You'll very likely experience a slight delay though,
which can be offputting. 
Cheers, Robbie
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Good Day,
Can I play and record at the same time?? For example I want to play my
instrumental using audacity and record it with my voice while I'm singing.
Is it possible?? How to do it??
Thanks in advance

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