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Hi Cuong.

Thanks ever so much for that, I'll give it a try.

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  You mean you want your second track will play after the end of your first 
track? If so. do the folowing
   make sure all track unselected (just for easily do)
  navigate to your first track, and then press enter to select it
  Press k to move to the end of this track
  Enter again to deselect it
  Now navigate to your second track and press enter to select it
  Go to track menu (alt+t), press a to align sub menu, right arrow to open it, 
and down arrow to align with cursor and press enter
  I don't usually record using audacity, but this is the easiest way I found 
when joining files together.
  Cuong Dang
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    Hi Robbie.

    Just tried following your instructions and have run in to a problem.

    Having selected the first track by pressing Enter, I then did Shift s as 
you said.  The problem I now have, is that I can't hear any audio at all.  I 
tried listening to tracks 2 and 3 separately, but there is no sound there 

    I will try looking at the Audacity manual now I know what to look for, but 
any ideas would be really helpful.

    Thanks for your help.


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      Hi Ron!

      Press enter on the first track to select it and press shift-s to solo it. 
Move the cursor to the end or where ever you want the second track to start. 
Press shift-s again to unsolo the track and enter to unselect it. Press enter 
on the second track and then press alt-T-A-C to align it.

      To join the tracks press alt-T-X to mix and render them into one.


      Cheers, Robbie

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      Hi everyone.


      Having recently started something I forgot to press k in order to 
continue it at the end of the track.  Consequently, the 2 recordings sound 
simultaneously when I press space to play.


      What I want to do is split the 2 sounds and join them where appropriate.  
I am assuming this is in the tracks menu, but could do with some 


      Best wishes to all!






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