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Hi Robbie,
Thanks a lot. Such a big help

Louise May Fami 

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Hi May!
To remove noise it is necessary to first create a noise profile. To do this you 
need to select a short section of the track containing only the target noise. 
Then choose Noise Removal from the Effects menu and press alt-g for the Get 
Noise Profile button.
Now that the profile is created, select the whole track, call up the Noise 
Removal dialogue again and tab to OK. Make sure the control above the OK button 
is set to Remove, not Isolate. 
Try the default settings first. You can adjust the amount of removed noise by 
changing the value in the Noise Reduction control (alt-d).
To hear other tracks while recording choose Overdub from the Transport menu 
(alt-r o).
To hear the track you are recording in real time choose Software Playthrough 
(alt-r f).
These are toggles so can be switched on and off by repeating the respective 
If you experience timing discrepancies when recording in Overdub mode you need 
to adjust the Latency Correction in Preferences <Recording (ctrl-p r). Here is 
a link describing how to do this effectively.
Cheers, Robbie

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Good day,


I want to know how to do the noice removal in a proper way. I tried to do it 
but after I did it I can't hear anything anymore.


I also want to know if it is possible to record and play a track at the same 
time with audacity??


Thanks in advance


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