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Wow, thank you so much! This is great! 


I’ll be recording inside in my apartment and don’t expect the location to 
change right now. I want to keep it simple and as you say, get started. 


I’m starting a business and part of what I want to do is provide podcasts. 


Wow, thank you so much for this. I think I’m going to just dip my toe in the 
water and get started.





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questions for you are:

1. do you have a pop filter?

2. what kind of podcasts do you intend on recording?

3. what type of microphone do you have intended for the podcasts?

4. do you have a dedicated place for the podcasts to be recorded or may the 
locations change.


reasons for the questions are:

levels aren’t very important in some podcasts, depending on what the nature of 
the podcast is you wouldn’t have to worry about levels, but then if you’re 
asking about levels in a podcast settings then it probably means that something 
is rong with your microphone, your surroundings or the location of your 
recording, microphones today have at least one thing in common, is that they 
handle levels pritty well by default if you keep a few things externally in 
check. that is: your area of recording, if its closed up and quiet that works, 
if you have a pop filter, you can use the pop filter as a measuring mechinism 
to keep you the same distance away from the microphone at all times, if all 
else fails, apply a compresser to the recording after you’re done. however, I 
still think that you wouldn’t have to worry about levels too much with a 
podcast. Also, its not that I wouldn’t like to have levels visible to me as 
well, I’m just going from the angle that you should get started on your podcast 
and not wait around for it to happen, because it may be a very long wait and 
there are sertainly work arounds where you wouldn’t necesarily need the levels 

with regards to the editing, the basics are just the same as in microsoft word 
or note pad:

coppy = ctrl c

cut = ctrl x

paste = ctrl v

left arrow takes you a little to the left

right arrow takes you a little to the right

shift + left arrow, selects a little to the left

shift + right arrow selects a little to the right

[ = set left marker

] = set right marker

so to use this, you’d hit the “[“ during playback at the point where you would 
want the selection to start, and you would then hit the “]” where you want it 
to end. you can also do this without playback.

As long as you have the track that you are working with selected over all by 
pressing enter then you can cut coppy, delete or paste the regione with in the 

shift + home selects from where a marker is, to the beginning of the track that 
is selected, either the [ or ] can be used as the marker.

shift + end selects from where a marker is, to the end of the track that is 
selected, either the [ or ] can be used as the marker.

home key = go to beginning of the track

end key = go to end of track.

if you are at the start of the track and you press shift + end it would select 
the intire track 

if you are at the end of the track and you press shift + home it would select 
the intire track.

enter = select the track that you would like to edit, this is an over all 
select, telling audacity that you are going to be working with this track. this 
must be done before any editing. 

e.g. you decide that you want to work with track one, as in you want to edit 
parts of it? you press enter on track 1 and then you can use all of the above 
commands to manipulate it.

I really hope this helps, happy podcasting.




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Hello List 


So, I’ve decided to try and do a podcast using Audasity. A couple of questions 
I have right off the bat are:

How will I know if the microphone levels are ok not seeing the bars?
One piece I’m having a great deal of difficulty with is editing the recording. 
I’ve read the help files and so on but editing is still something I’m really 
struggling with. It’s finding the right place to stop and start and figuring 
out how to get pieces out I don’t want that is an issue. 


I want to start really simple because the last time I played with this program, 
I got overwhelmed because I tried too hard to do too much. I’m so excited to do 
some podcasting though so any help would be very much appreciated. Sometimes, I 
really feel like the novice on this list!




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