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Hi Gary,
At 04:09 AM 1/27/2019, Gary Hough wrote:

>i'm very new to audassity.
>is it possible to do pitch correction?

There is a free VST pitch correction plugin called GSnap. All of its editing parameters are accessible and you can hear its work in real time. However, I can't quite place the site where I obtained it. It may have come from a link on the Audacity site to a whole suite of VST plugins.

>also can you do recording punch in and out?

Yes you can, but I'm slightly unclear about how it actually works. I know recording can be configured in preferences to be sound on sound or overdub. However, I don't know how Audacity deals with recording from marked points, so that you can, for example, begin recording four bars before a punch-in point, but not erase anything before or after that punch-in region.
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