[audacity4blind] Re: New reverb and older plug-ins

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Hi Sharni!
The Reverb effect has a Stereo Width control. You'll get to it as you tab
through the parameter controls. 
It's difficult to suggest settings because what works and does not work
depends on your personal preferences, as well as the sound you want to put
reverb on. Drums require a different reverb from vocals for instance. You
really need to play around with the Room Size, Damping, Reverberance and Wet
Gain controls to work out what suits you.
I like Anwieda Soft for its warm and rounded reverb, but there is an even
more powerful plug-in especially for musical instruments called Ambience. It
has a lot of pre-sets and many are stereo balanced. You can get it here.
 <http://magnus.smartelectronix.com/> http://magnus.smartelectronix.com/
There is also a plug-in with some nice pre-sets called Kjaerhus Audio
Classic Reverb here. 
Cheers! Robbie
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Hello everyone!

I'm relatively new to Audacity, and just updated to the latest version. I
had barely begun getting used to GVerb, and they went and changed it! There
isn't a wicky page for the new inbuilt reverb, and I'm pretty sure the tips
created for GVerb wouldn't work nearly as well on it. If anyone has tested
this new reverb and knows any good presets, I'd like to know what they are.
It would be useful to compile such settings into a nice, long list for
reference by everyone. I'd also like to know if it can create stereo reverbs
or mono only, and how the heck to make a stereo reverb that doesn't sound
lopsided if the latter. I never grasped the concept when I read the section
on the wiki about creating stereo reverbs with GVerb.

I also downloaded Anwida Soft and Free Verb soon after I first got Audacity
2.0.3 (I have 2.0.5 now). I have a whole list of Free Virb things on my
Effects menu, but most of them have only one preset and I don't have the
faintest idea how to create more. The first dialogue box is blank and if I
press the down arrow, I end up in the presets box with it's sole occupant.
There are Load and Save buttons, as others in the archive have mentioned,
but I have yet to find an adequate answer to their queries so I'm adding my
own. How am I supposed to create more stereo reverbs with Free Verb and
Anwida Soft? The latter has more options, but I would still like a bit more

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