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Hi Johchi
Audacity is known to work well with all of the screen readers wich you told, but I'll give you some info of using Jaws for windows because I'm a Jaws user, and I feel comfortable with this. There is a script written by Gary Campbell and me to make Jaws more accessible with this, and if you're interested, you can download from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47990492/Jaws%20Script%20for%20Audacity.exe
You can read the readme file below before downloading:

4/5/2013 JAWS script for Audacity V2.0 (for script version 2.0 4/5/2013) by Gary Campbell <campg2003@xxxxxxxxx> and Dang Manh Cuong <dangmanhcuong@xxxxxxxxx>

This JAWS script package provides support for Audacity 2.0.0 and later.

Keystrokes to speak selection start, selection end or length, and Audio Position from anywhere in the main window. Keystrokes to move the focus to the selection start and selection end/length controls.
Displays JAWS and Audacity hotkey help.
Speaks main window areas: Toolbars, Track Panel, and selection Bar, as focus moves between them.
Speaks the toolbar name when focus moves from one toolbar to another.
When focus is in the toolbars pressing CTRL+TAB and Shift+CTRL+TAB move to the first control on the next toolbar and the last control on the previous toolbar, respectively. JAWSKey+Delete speaks the current program state: stop, play, play pause, record, or record pause. Speaks cursor position when left/right arrows are pressed and Audacity is stopped when focus is in the track panel. Indicates when no project is open (no tracks in track panel) for many operations. Track gain and pan controls now are passed to the application when the PC cursor is active and focus is in the main window. Otherwise they execute their default mouse movement functions. Keystrokes that extend or contract the selection speak the new position (or length). In many VST plug-ins, keystrokes move focus to the Presets control and activate save/Load Presets.
In many plug-in dialogs control names and values are spoken.

When playing or recording the ENTER key executes pause/resume. I like this because the numpad ENTER key is easier to find than "p" if your hands are off the keyboard. Try it out and let us know if it works for you and if you like it.

The script was developed with Audacity 2.0.2 and JAWS 10.0.1178u and 13. It should probably work with any JAWS after 5.0, although the options for Audacity in Adjust JAWS Verbosity may not look very good.
There is no specific Braille support at this time.

Messages and string constants are in audacity.jsm facilitating translation.

The script version can be obtained by pressing JAWSKey+CTRL+V (twice quickly to display it in the virtual viewer), and also appears in JAWS hot key help.

To install:
Place the installer in a folder on your machine.
Run it to install the files. It also allows you to choose which JAWS versions to install into and whether to install for the current user or all users. If you choose the full install type, you will be able to remove it via Add or Remove Programs, and it will make a folder in your Program Files folder to store the uninstaller. If you choose the Just Scripts install type, it will not be removable from Add or Remove Programs, and it will not create a folder in your Program Files folder or any registry entries. If you choose the Just Scripts install type, the README and What's New files will be installed in the JAWS scripts folder for each version, and What's new.txt will be called audacity_whatsnew.txt.
The installer will compile the script package in each JAWS version.
If you want to modify the installer, or are just curious how it works, you can install the installer source by selecting the Custom install type and choosing the Install Installer source component.


We have had problems getting the state of Play, Pause, Record, and Stop on some configurations. In function GetAudacityState there is commented out code to determine the pressed state of toolbar buttons by testing the button graphic name. There are also CS_IMG constants for the pressed state of the Play, Pause, and Record buttons that must be uncommented as well. If the current code doesn't work for you, this might work. This code needs further work, so if you need this code please let us know.

The position fields sometimes are not shortened. This happens because the JAWS GetWindowText function returns just the numbers with no h, m, :, etc. We do not know what causes this. I have been able to correct this by shutting down and restarting Audacity-- or JAWS, I can't find my notes on this. This was observed with JAWS 10.

A side effect of ENTER pausing during record and play is that you can't select/unselect tracks while playing or recording. Also, if you redefine the numpad ENTER key and set JAWS to treat extended keys separately, both ENTER keys will be mapped to the typing keys ENTER. If you don't like this feature you can deactivate it by adding a semicolon on the lines for ENTER and NumPadEnter in audacity.jkm and removing semicolons on the lines containing /* and */ before and after script Enter in audacity.jss.

We have received reports that the installer cannot find the JAWS script compiler on 64-bit machines. We think JAWS registry information might be in a different place on 64-bit machines. We have not been able to verify this, but the installer now uses a default location if it can't find the value in the registry. It displays a message if this happens.

I would be interested in feedback on the script and suggestions for improvement, but can't promise any updates.

Here is the text of the JAWS hot key help:
JAWS keystrokes for script version 2.0rc 1/17/13 18:04UTC, for Audacity 2.0.0 or later:
To say the selection start position, press control+[.
To say the selection end position or length, press control+].
To move focus to these controls, press the key twice quickly.
To say the Audio Position value, press Alt+Delete.
To say the active cursor while the PC cursor is active, press Alt+Delete twice quickly.
To increase gain of focus track, press Alt+Shift+UpArrow.
To reduce gain of focus track, press Alt+Shift+DownArrow.
To adjust pan left, press Alt+Shift+LeftArrow.
To adjust pan right, press Alt+Shift+RightArrow.
The last 4 keys replace the default JAWS mouse movement scripts while focus is in the main window. If you want to activate the original functionality while
in the main window, turn on the JAWS cursor.
To toggle speech on or off, press shift+jawskey+s.
To toggle alert messages on or off, press Control+`). This duplicates the Announce Audacity messages option in Adjust JAWS options.
See the what's new.txt for more info.
In a toolbar to move to the next toolbar press Control+Tab
In a toolbar to move to the previous toolbar press Control+Shift+Tab
To speak the program's state (play/pause/record/stop) press JAWSKey+delete
To reset all script options to default values, press Shift+Control+`
To switch between the two lists in the Edit Chains dialog, press F6.
To get help with Audacity hot keys, press JAWSKey+W.
To get the default Windows hot key help, press JAWSKey+W twice quickly.

In some common VST plugins, such as L1V:
To set focus to the preset control, press Alt+P.
To load an existing preset, press  Alt+L.
To save the current settings as a preset, press  Alt+S.

To change settings for the Audacity script press JAWSKey+V.

List JAWS Hot Keys

You should use the latest version of audacity for the best accessibility
Cuong Dang Manh
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Hi all!

I'm brand new to this list and I hope to learn a lot. So I'm all ears! My first question has to do with finding out what your opinion is as to which screen reader accesses Audacity the best. Window-Eyes, NVDA or Jaws. As it turns out, I will have access to all three screen readers in a few weeks, but I would rather spend my time with the one that works the best with Audacity. I am slowly but surely building a small home studio where I can record some of my music and develop my own internet radio broadcast hopefully with Mushroom FM over Shoutcast. I don't have all of the resources I need to do this all at one time, but I figure I can start to do some recording and podcasting of shows on what equipment and jsoftware I can now afford to work with. Mr. DJX, one of the most knowledgable guys I know is building me a real beast of a computer for the job at hand. I would love to be able to use Sonar with the Sonar Jaws scripts, but that will have to wait for another time a little down the road. But that will also present yet another learning curve. I don't want to bite off more then I can chew. Anyway I understand that Audacity is quite a powerful multi-track sound recorder/editor in it's own right. So again I'm all ears.

Thanks for all the help,


John Chilelli
Erie, PA

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