[audacity4blind] Re: Multi-track recording and latency problem

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:00:00 -0500

Hey David. I understand your pain. That's where I spent a year and a half and
many postings to this list, to successfully come very close to zero latency.
The trick is to pay close attention to the method described in the manual and
realize that each change you make will only be noticed when you make a new
recording after the change. Not really good at describing this operation. Hope
this helps. I'm sure others can do better than I, at talking you through this.
Good luck, Steve.
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From: vitorflash
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Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Multi-track recording and latency problem


0 latency is very very hard, if possible anyway.
First you must make shure there’s nothing but the sound of the piano going
into Audacity, and that has to do with the way you have your audio interface
conected and setup.

Then, you have to specify a negative value to correct latency and test if
both sounds are sinchronized.

In my case, at home, i have a default latency value of 100 miliseconds in
For my Behringer Xenix qx1202 audio interface, the only negative value i
could be satisfied with, was about minus 194 miliseconds.

At work, i use a Proel m8 passive mixing desk, and the negative value i
reached was minus 150 miliseconds.
Both audio interfaces are conected via USB.
So, just correct the negative value and don’t touch the value of 100
miliseconds to buffer.
Try arround these ammounts, and things may work. Anyway, I think latency may
change, depending on different computers, ram availability and soundcards.

Best regards

From: David Fritz - Mr Music
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 1:35 PM
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Subject: [audacity4blind] Multi-track recording and latency problem

Hi David, Steve, and all others with experience as per the subject line!

Please can you assist?

I want to do multi-track recordings.

I have a Maki Spike usb audio card into which I plug my digital piano.

Of rourse, recording track 1 is easy, no sweat.

When I want to record a second track I get a huge latency problem, using the
earphone jack on the card to listen to track 1 while recording track 2.

Ihave seen the two settings to help offset latency, milliseconds for
buffering, and then the milliseconds to
adjust to compensate for the latency.

I have looked at the online manual detailing to record a metronome track with
second intervals,
and then to record it while playing back, onto a second track from the

After there I get lost. I cannot seem to determine the difference between the
two tracks and to change the settings so that I end up with zero latency.

Please can you help me?



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