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Thanks Jacob.  I opened an audio file, then, selected a portion of that
file, then imported a music file with opened a second track.  I then aligned
that second track with the beginning of the selected part of the first
track, and it worked well.  It started playing the music exactly where I
wanted it during the audio.  I now just need to trim the second file so that
it only goes for the length of the selection in the audio track.
Does any of that make sense, or am I rambling?
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I would guess, and I use separate tracks for primarily relative alignment in
relation to each other, and you can apply an effect to what's currently
selected in the track listing - think you could apply it to multiple tracks,
or if selection is only turned on in one track, then the effect would only
be applied to selection in that specific track.
And, aside from knowing which time chunk to apply selection to, you can
easily enough, while listening to playback, use the [ and ] keys to start
and end selection at current position, and then adjust it using either
keystrokes or in selection section of interface, before then applying an
effect to the selected piece, and after you have selected a piece, playback,
toggled on/off using space bar, will only play back selection to you, to let
you easily enough review what has effectively been selected.

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Hello All,
I'm producing a podcast for the first time, so, I'm using Audacity instead
of my normal audio editor Goldwave.  My questions to date are:
Why use multiple tracks?  And perhaps related, how can I rap music or a
special effect around a particular section of a recording?
I've been reading your help files, and am trying to learn from them.  Thanks
for your commitment.
Sincerely, Stew

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