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  • From: Robert Hänggi <aarjay.robert@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 23:43:11 +0100

2014-12-02 10:51 GMT+01:00, David Bailes <david_bailes@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Robert,
> I'm puzzled about your experience of Jaws reading the description by
> default. I had a look around Jaws's verbosity settings and found the item
> "Control description" in a list of things to be spoken. This does control
> the description we are talking about. However, for all of beginner,
> intermediate, and advanced verbosity settings, "control description" is not
> checked by default.
> Could another user of Jaws who is familiar with it's verbosity settings
> confirm this is the case?
> David.

Strange thing that. I've downloaded the 40 minutes version. The only
thing I changed (as far as I know) to set verbosity to expert or so.
However, there was once Jaws 11 installed, could it have taken the
settings from there I wonder?
Highly unlikely since I've cleaned up all manually (otherwise the
newest version would not have started, not even in demo mode).

However, I do not see it as a bug, I actually didn't want the extra
information to be displayed by default since it may disturb or annoy
some old stagers.


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