[audacity4blind] Re: Key commands for JAWS Scripts with Audacity

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 06:46:52 +0200

And, FWIW, here's the results of the virtual viewer if I hit jaws key + H:
---start virtual viewer contents---
JAWS keystrokes for script version 2.0rc 1/22/13 22:59UTC, for Audacity 2.0.0 
or later:
To say the selection start position, press control+[.
To say the selection end position or length, press control+].
To move focus to these controls, press the key twice quickly.
To say the Audio Position value, press Alt+Delete.
To say the active cursor while the PC cursor is active, press Alt+Delete twice 
To increase gain of focus track, press Alt+Shift+UpArrow.
To reduce gain of focus track, press Alt+Shift+DownArrow.
To adjust pan left, press Alt+Shift+LeftArrow.
To adjust pan right, press Alt+Shift+RightArrow.
The last 4 keys replace the default JAWS mouse movement scripts while focus is 
in the main window.  If you want to activate the original functionality while
in the main window, turn on the JAWS cursor.
To toggle speech on or off, press shift+jawskey+s.
To toggle alert messages on or off, press Control+`).  This duplicates the 
Announce Audacity messages option in Adjust JAWS options.
See the what's new.txt for more info.
In a toolbar to move to the next toolbar press Control+Tab
In a toolbar to move to the previous toolbar press Control+Shift+Tab
To speak the program's state (play/pause/record/stop) press JAWSKey+delete
To reset all script options to default values, press Shift+Control+`
To switch between the two lists in the Edit Chains dialog, press F6.
To get help with Audacity hot keys, press JAWSKey+W.
To get the default Windows hot key help, press JAWSKey+W twice quickly.

In some common VST plugins, such as L1V:
To set focus to the preset control, press Alt+P.
To load an existing preset, press  Alt+L.
To save the current settings as a preset, press  Alt+S.

To change settings for the Audacity script press JAWSKey+V.
---end virtual viewer content---

What happens if you turn on keyboard help - jaws key + number row 1, and then 
hit jaws key + H?

It should say something like places jaws hotkeys in the virtual viewer, and if 
you hit jaws key + W, then it will bring up the virtual viewer with "Default 
keystrokes for Audacity v2.0.0 (from Audacity 2.0 Guide, by David Bailes, at 

But, for other screen reader users, this will only, obviously, work with 

Jacob Kruger
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  Hi Sean
  Do you use desktop or laptop? and what Jaws version are you using
  If you use laptop, try using the original insert key instead of capslock. I 
don't know the reason, but in Jaws 13.0 and my last version of jaws 14, this 
key not work in audacity.
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    Heyya folks, downloaded the scripts & installed them, working with audacity 
now & can't remember the key commands. Read the txt file & meant to save it & 
didn't. Anyone have list of said commands? Or can tell me how to get the afore 
mentioned commands whilst in audacity? Thanks in advance.
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