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  • From: Adrian Wadey <adrian.j.wadey@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2015 15:35:04 +0100

Hi Robbie,

Yes, that's my plan.


On Oct 14, 2015 3:28 PM, "Robbie" <tickleberryfun@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Adrian!

Good of you to join this list. I’m a friend of Marcus’s and have given him
some input re Audacity and screen readers. Perhaps we should explain to
other list members that Marcus Diess is a sighted inventor who invented a
Braille output device for the VU-meter, enabling blind radio presenters and
podcasters to read and adjust the audio output in real-time. It’s called
the Studio Guard. Marcus is now looking into building a MIDI-controller
fully accessible to blind users. It would be brilliant if it could be
linked with Audacity. It would open up so many possibilities. What do
others think?

I’m not aware that you can use a jog shuttle with Audacity. Are you saying
that’s what you’re going to do? I worked with it a lot when I was still
editing audio on a professional Denon MD-machine and found it immensely
useful. I’d love to be able to use that with Audacity. It would be a lot
faster to use than zooming in and out and using the cursor keys for precise

Cheers! Robbie

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Hi all, Adrian here.

I'm a sighted user who is starting to get into audacity development.

I'm getting a Contour Designs' Jog Shuttle.

Does anyone on this list use one with Audacity?

Is it useful for blind users?

I am also looking at a couple of other related projects:

A timecode output that can be hooked up to a braille reader.

Automating Audacity via an external MIDI controller.

Both of these were suggested by Marcus Diess at Studio-Guard.

Any of your thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated, either on or
off list. My email is adrian.j.wadey@xxxxxxxxx


p.s. are there any etiquette guidelines for using this list?

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