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Hi Gary,
I see the problem, given you want it said as quickly as possible.
Maybe, if the length radio button is set, then you could read "end right, 
length" and and the value,
and similarly "end left, length" and then the value. It's a close call, I'm not 
sure how many people may be confused.
Another minor issue, when you press shift+home and shift+end, the action is 
described in terms of start or end of file, which is a little strange, and 
doesn't tie in with what's read out for home and end unmodified.

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Hi David,

Very good suggestions.  Re: "end right": I see the possible confusion, but
I'm grying to say that the end (as opposed to the start) of the selection is
moving right, as quickly as possible.  Any ideas?


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Hi Gary,
had a quick look at your helpful script, and I think a couple of your
warning messages might be more accurate:
1. The warning "no project is open" could be "there are no tracks in the
project". Threre's always a project open.
2. The warning that the current track should be selected, for example when
you're deleting audio, could be "one or more tracks should be selected". The
current (focussed) track doesn't have to be selected, but one or more tracks
do have to be selected.
One other very minor point,  When using the arrow keys to adjust the right
hand of the selection, the script reads end right and then the value of the
end/length selection control. If the radio button has been set to length,
then maybe reading this as end right might be misleading.
best wishes,

From: Gary Campbell <campg2003@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Sunday, 22 September 2013, 5:22
Subject: [audacity4blind] JAWS scripts for JAWS V2.0 released

Dang Manh Cuongand I are
pleased to announce the release of v2.0 of the JAWS scripts for Audacity. 
software was developed with JAWS 10.0 and 13.0 on a desktop 2.8GHz Pentium D
machine with 1.49GB RAM running Windows XP SP3, and JAWS 13 on a laptop
Windows 7.   

We are still interested in feedback about the verbosity of
the messages.  I would like to know if experienced users find particular
messages annoying.  I would also like to hear from beginning users about
messages you find are helpful and if any are not.   

As I said before, we had a lot of problems with the code
that detects the program state (playing, stopped, paused, or recording) on
Cuong's laptop.  We think it's fixed, but if you find that messages are
spoken when Audacity is playing that you think should only speak when
try pressing JAWSKey+numpadDEL and verify that the correct status is
If you do find a problem with this, please send us your machine
and symptoms and I may send you a debug version of the script to test if you
would be willing to help. 

You can download the package from
The What's New file is at
https://dangmanhcuong.googlecode.com/files/What%27s%20new.txtand is
attached below.  Please let us know of any suggestions. 

To install:  
Place the installer in a folder on your machine. 
Run it to install the files.  It also allows you to choose
which JAWS versions to install into and whether to install for the current
or all users.  If you choose the full install type, you will be able to
it via Add or Remove Programs, and it will make a folder in your Program
folder to store the uninstaller.  If you choose the Just Scripts install
it will not be removable from Add or Remove Programs, and it will not create
folder in your Program Files folder or any registry entries.   
If you choose the Just Scripts install type, the README and
What's New files will be installed in the JAWS scripts folder for each
and What's new.txt will be called audacity_whatsnew.txt.   
The installer will compile the script package in each JAWS
If you want to modify the installer, or are just curious how
it works, you can install the installer source by selecting the Custom
type and choosing the Install Installer source component. 

If the installer detects a full install of the scripts, it
offers to uninstall it.  If it detects script files for Audacity, it warns
it will overwrite them. 


Gary Campbell and Dang Manh Cuong 

Here are the changes since v2.0RC: 

. The URL for the JAWS User's Guide is now read from the
config file.  It can't be edited from within the script, but it can be
with a text editor. 
. Version 2.0.4 of Audacity assigns keys Control+[ aod
Control+] to Go to Start/End of Selection.  Therefore, we have changed the
for reading the selection start and end positions to ALT+[ and ALT+]. 
. While playing/recording when ENTER pauses, Control+ENTER
sends ENTER. 
. Added Vietnamese README file (translation by Nguyen Hoang
. Added an Insert+ key assignment for each JAWSKey key. 
This makes the script easier to use on laptops. 
. Changed script AudacityHotkeyHelp to
AudacityScriptKeyHelp.  This name more clearly represents what it does, and
removes a bogus additional entry in Keyboard Manager that was the result of
case mismatch. 
. For Audacity V2.0.3 or later the special processing for
the Import Uncompressed Audio Files warning dialog, the special processing
not used since the interface has been fixed. 
. For slider controls in diaalogs that have associated edit
boxes, the value of the edit control is now spoken when the slider changes
while focus is on the slider.  These sliders are now named with the name of
edit control, and some of the extra chatter that occurred when these sliders
gain focus has been eliminated. 
. Paste now works in Audacity dialogs. 
. The link to the Audacity JAWS guide in Audacity hotkey
help is now an active link that opens the web page in the default browser. 
URL is read from the JSI file. 
. Changed script Enter to perform the default enter script
in the user buffer.  This causes links to be run by the ENTER key. 
. Changed so that Audacity hotkey help does not display a
link to default JAWS hotkey help. 
. Added JAWS option EnterPause to control whether ENTER
pauses during play/record. 
. If the installer cannot read the location of the JAWS
program folder from the registry it now supplies a default.  If it cannot
a folder at %programfiles%\Freedom Scientific\JAWS it looks for one in
%programfiles64% (actually the value of the NSIS variable $programfiles64),
uses that as the fallback. 
. In jfw.nsh added documentation for JAWSALLOWALLUSERS.   
. In jfw.nsh added documentation that if JAWSALLOWALLUSERS
is undefined and the installer changes the shell context, it must also
the value of JAWSSHELLCONTEXT acordingly. 
. In jfw.nsh if JAWSALLOWALLUSERS is undefined, on the
install confirmation page, the message indicating whether installing to the
current or all users read "for in".  Changed PageInstConfirmPre to
"current", "the current user" is written if
. In jfw.nsh commented out debug message indicating that
only 1 JAWS version is installed and the JAWS versions page is being

New in JAWS scripts for Audacity version 2.0RC (1/22/2013): 

. Adjust JAWS Options (JAWSKey+v) now contains a section for
Audacity options.  It currently contains two options: Announce Messages,
duplicates the CTRL+` key, and Announce Toolbars, which controls the
announcement of the toolbar name when focus moves from one toolbar to
There is support for the older AdjustJawsVerbosity script, but it has not
. Added JAWSKey+v to the jkm file so that options will
appear on JAWS 13, which has a new options facility. 
. Fixed speaking of position fields.  Previously, .012s was
spoken as 12s.  Now speaks time fields containing two zeros as one 0, so
01h00m00.015s is spoken as 1h0m0.015s.  This is not yet done for formats
as ##h##m##s+##frames.  The "days" format is now supported.  The code
for this function has been rewritten to use more message constants, so it
hopefully will be localizable. 
. The extension of the Audacity script settings file has
changed from .Ini to .jsi to conform to the JAWS scripting convention.  You
rename your existing audacity.Ini file to audacity.jsi and it should
. In the settings file changed key announce to
announceMessage.  Script ResetConfig now deletes the old (announce) key if
. JAWS no longer says "track table" when moving
between tracks. 
. JAWS speaks main window areas: Toolbars, Track Panel, and
Selection Bar, as focus moves between them. 
. JAWS speaks the toolbar name when focus moves from one
toolbar to another. 
. When focus is in the toolbars pressing CTRL+TAB and
Shift+CTRL+TAB move to the first control on the next toolbar and the last
control on the previous toolbar, respectively. 
. JAWSKey+Delete speaks the current program state: stop,
play, play pause, record, or record pause. 
. left/right arrow keys Speak cursor position when Audacity
is stopped. 
. Keystrokes that extend or contract the selection speak the
new position when Focus is in the track panel. 
. Functions that use values from the selection bar now speak
a message or silently omit the action requiring the value if the selection
is not enabled. 
. Track gain and pan controls now only function when the PC
cursor is active.  Otherwise they execute their default mouse movement
. HandleCustomWindows now calls HandleCustomWindows so that
this function in scripts "use"d by this script will be executed. 
. In many VST plug-ins, keystrokes move focus to the Presets
control and activate Save/Load Presets.  Hotkey help is available for these
keys in these dialogs. 
. In many plug-in dialogs control names and values are now spoken. 
Use JAWSKey+TAB to repeat the current control name/value. 
. Added script SayJump and key assignments that bind it to
comma, period, Shift+comma, and Shift+period. 
. Added SelectAll announcement. 
. JAWS now indicates when no project is open (no tracks in
track panel) for many operations. 
. JAWS now speaks an alert message when performing an
operation which requires that the current track be selected but it is not. 
Added this funtionality to the folowing scripts: JAWSDelete,
DeleteSelectedAudio, MoveToStartOfSelectedTracks, SelectToBeginning,
SelectToEnd, copy, and cut. 
. Scripts CloseFocusTrack, DeleteSelectedAudio, JAWSHome,
JAWSEnd, Copy, and Cut speak an error message indicating that they are not
valid when Audacity is not stopped. 
. The CTRL+JAWSKey+v keystroke now performs its default
function, and then speaks the current Audacity script version.  When pressed
twice quickly, it displays this information in the virtual viewer. 
. The following now pass keys to the app when in a dialog or
menu: scripts MoveToStartOfSelectedTracks, MoveToEndOfSelectedTracks,
SelectToBeginning, SelectToEnd, SaySelectionStart, SaySelectionEnd,
SayAudacityState, DeleteSelectedAudio, JAWSDelete, and Copy, and Functions
SaySelectionPosition, and SayNoTrackSelected. 
. Changed the conditions for not executing the default
script in Start/FinishMarkerLeft/Right and made them perform their default
scripts instead of silently sending their keys through. 
. [ and ] can now be used in file name dialogs. 
. Function AnnounceMessage now returns in open dialogs. 
. JAWS now correctly speaks controls in the warning dialog
shown when importing uncompressed Audio files.  This is done by new function
IsWarningDialog and changes to function HandleCustomWindows and script
SayLine.  Removed old implementation in script AudacitySayFrame because it
works on Cuong's PC only. 
. In the Edit Chains dialog F6 toggles between the Chains
and Chain list views.  If the focus is not on the Chains list view, the key
moves focus to the Chains list view.   
. In SayLine added tests for IsPCCursor and not
. When playing and recording, the ENTER key executes pause. 
(It sends ENTER when stopped and "p" when playing or recording.)  I
like this because the numpad ENTER key is easier to find than "p" if
your hands are off the keyboard.  Try it out and let us know if you like

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