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  • From: Andrew Downie <access_tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 13:32:04 +1000

Hi Chela

I am also relatively new to this forum and, unlike you, am almost devoid of musical ability. I have used it for quite some years and love its level of accessibility. While lacking some features found in software that costs, it will do what you want it to do very well.

I usually use it with NVDA or Window-Eyes and occasionally JAWS and find minimal differences. There are JAWS scripts for Audacity which I have not used but others can tell you what they do. For my purposes, NVDA works very well with it and reads some of the effects parameters better than the others.

I won't try to cover everything here or you would just glaze over. I will also assume you have Audacity set up to record your trumpet. Pressing "r" will start recording and pressing spacebar will stop. Pressing spacebar again will play back what you have recorded. I suggest playing with it at that level before delving into multi-track recording. But when you want to do that, insert an audio file from the File Menu. Then start recording and play along. You can adjust level etc of each track.

One issue you will likely encounter is that of latency. You will know it has raised its ugly head if you play back a recording and your trumpet is not synchronized with the accompaniment. The Audacity manual covers the issue very well. In fact, the manual covers the whole program very well. When you cana't find what you want though, drop a note on this very helpful forum.


On 22/09/2015 8:29 AM, Chela Robles wrote:

My name is Chela Robles. I'm a totally blind trumpeter and am from Northern California. I use NVDA on Windows 10, JAWS 15 on Windows 7 and Voiceover on an iPhone and iPod Touch.
I'm very new to Audacity, just downloaded it to my Windows 7 laptop that has JAWS 15 on it, the latest version of Audacity I have is 2.11. I was wondering how I could get started with it. I was planning on making a jazz album with the background music I have you know the basic piano bass and drums, typical rhythm section from Jamey Aebersold accompaniment tracks, and lay the trumpet on top. I had heard this was a great tool to use for audio and I though I could take the plunge and learn it. I was searching and found you guys and though you guys who use screen readers, in particular, JAWS, could perhaps steer me in the right direction as to how to get started with recording and then editing the recordings I make. Again, I am grateful for your feedback and am excited to learn about audacity and how it works with JAWS 15 and above.

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